Website Legal Starter Pack

$99.00 $49.00



Here’s what you get:

  • Our WordPress, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use plugin

    This plugin uses shortcodes to easily add Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages to your WordPress website.

  • Advertising Terms and Conditions

    Easy to understand terms and conditions, enabling others to advertise on your website. Our Price, normally $19

  • E-Commerce Terms

    You need Payment Terms and Refunds and Returns policies if you are selling products or services online. Our Price, normally $39

  • Privacy Policy With Supporting Procedures

    To help you understand how to apply your privacy policy when challenged by users or regulators.

    Personal information is information about or from which an individual can be identified. Things like names and email addresses – the two most commonly collected items of personal information collected over the internet.

    If you offer people a free report or other incentive to collect their details – you now have to comply with Privacy laws!

    What is more important than ever is knowing exactly what you are doing with the personal information you collect. Systems and procedures! That is what the Privacy Commissioner will be auditing – checking that you know what you are doing, and that you are doing it.

    So – do you know what you are doing? Have you even read your privacy policy? Need help?

    We will provide you with supporting procedures for your privacy policy – that’s something you can’t get anywhere else on the internet!

    Give users peace of mind when giving their personal information to you. Our Price, normally $59

  • Terms of Use

    Just in case you don’t have a WordPress website. You can set your own rules on your website, don’t wait, do it now! Our Price, normally $39

  • Disclaimer

    The purpose of a disclaimer is to let your client or customer know in very clear terms what their responsibility is and what is not your responsibility. Let’s face it. There are some people who do some very silly things. Things you would not expect. The Darwin Awards are full of them! You do not want to be legally responsible for the actions of other people that you could not possibly predict, and even those actions that you might predict.

    The thing is, consumer protection laws around the world are written to protect consumers. It is assumed that if you are in business then you know more than your customers and should take steps to protect them.

    Under consumer protection laws you have responsibilities to your customers that cannot be avoided through by using a website disclaimer. In fact, if you try and avoid your consumer responsibilities, then your website disclaimer can be deemed void and you can be fined – which defeats the whole purpose of having a disclaimer in the first place!

    Limit your liability by using a disclaimer. Our Price, normally $19 each