Sponsorship Agreement

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Get sponsors for your event!
Running an event or developing a program, website or App and need sponsors?
Then this agreement is for you!



Gain industry sponsors for your product, event or App with confidence that you won’t have to repay any sponsorship money received!

Dealing with sponsors can be difficult without the right tools, and failing to establish ground rules at the outset can lead to all sorts of headaches down the track. Both you and your sponsors need to establish what each party’s rights and responsibilities are from the word ‘go’.

Our Sponsorship Agreement provides a complete legal framework to protect you from liability, breach of confidentiality, intellectual property disputes and more. It also lets sponsors know that you can’t guarantee some aspects of the deal such as the level of exposure they will receive, exclusivity of their sponsorship and of course any advertising in circumstances where they do not provide the required materials in time.

Don’t leave it to a handshake, purchase piece of mind now. As always we can customise this agreement, if you would like to do things a different way or if your sponsorship has specific requirements.