Service Agreement

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Do you provide Services rather than Products?

Make it easy for your clients to buy your services on fair terms.

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Creating satisfied repeat customers is as much about HOW you provide your service as it is about the service itself. Customers need price certainty and foreknowledge of what will happen if, for example they want additional services or they wish to cancel the contract and obtain a refund. Relationships just work better when each party’s rights and obligations are clear and put in writing. That’s where a great Service Agreement comes in.

Our Service Agreement not only sets out all the essential terms of service, but also minimises the type and extent of liability that can arise from offering your services (including intellectual property disputes) and prescribes payment terms to ensure that you are promptly remunerated for your work.

Make it easy for your clients to buy your services on fair terms with our pre-drafted Service Agreement. As always we can customise this agreement if you would like to do things a different way or if your business has specific requirements.