Sale of Website Agreement

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Are you selling a website and make sure all the essentials are covered?
Are you buying a website but don’t want to end up with just the domain name?
Then this agreement is for you!



Selling a website involves more than simply transferring rights to the Domain name. There are many aspects of the business that require consideration so that both the buyer and seller can have piece of mind.

For the buyer, you can be confident that you will receive rights to all of the website components including images, files data, code and intellectual property and that you will be protected from any liability or other issues that have arisen prior to the sale. You are also protected by warranties from the seller regarding their ownership of the website components to lawfully sell them.

For sellers, you can rest assured that you will receive the purchase price, you will be protected from any liability and other issues that arise once the website has changed hands and that your confidential information is safe, should one of the parties end the sale agreement before completion.

Our comprehensive Sale of Website Agreement provides all the essential legal clauses to ensure your sale and purchase runs smoothly. Purchase piece of mind now!