Purchase of Website Agreement

$119.00 $19.00

Would you like to sell your website but keep a piece of the action?
Would you like to buy a website but keep the owner involved?

If you want to keep an interest in your website without the responsibility of maintaining it, this agreement is for you!



Website creators often need some assistance with the online marketing and development side of things, in order to realise the monetary potential of their website. A great way for owners to hand the reins of the business over to a skilled third party to monetize the venture while ensuring that the creator retains a right to profits and a measure of influence is to sell the website with an option to repurchase.

This complete Website Purchase Agreement, establishes a secure legal framework within which the owner can sell a website, but retain entitlement to a proportion of the profits of the site, a level of influence in the way the website is developed, and an option to repurchase the website should the buyer ultimately wish to re-sell. It also provides the usual protections and warranties to protect both buyer and seller throughout the transaction.
As always we can customise this agreement, if you would like to do things a different way or if your transaction has specific legal requirements.