Program Terms & Conditions

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Want to offer a great education program?
Planning on delivering training through workshops or webinars?
Do you want qualify people before they join the program you are offering?
Then these terms are for you!



For education and training programs to be financially successful, careful forethought must be given to the terms of participation.

Well drafted participation terms will help you to avoid consumer protection issues, enforce instalment payments with confidence and protect your ideas and intellectual property while minimising the type and extent of any liability that may arise. They also let participants know at the outset what their rights are, should they wish to cancel, get a refund or if they fail to attend.

Our ‘Program Terms & Conditions’ provide the essentials to ensure that your program runs smoothly and at minimum risk to you. As with all of our legal products, these terms may be used as is (with the addition of some personal details) or may be customised to your specific legal requirements.

Purchase peace of mind now, and run your program like a professional.