Partnership Agreement (Basic)

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You understand Partnerships and want to form one?
Got the plan in mind, just need the agreement?

Do you want clarity on how you and your business partner are going to work together?

Then this agreement is for you!



A successful partnership starts with communication. All partners need to be clear on what their rights and obligations are, how you are going to work together to benefit your business and what happens when the relationship comes to an end.

Our Partnership Agreement provides a solid legal foundation from which you can successfully grow and operate your business. It incorporates all those nitty gritty legal terms you probably haven’t thought of, but that you really need to protect each party’s interests.

Having a lawyer draft a custom Partnership Agreement could set you back thousands of dollars. But you can get our comprehensive customisable Partnership Agreement now for a fraction of the cost.
Your livelihood is too valuable to risk on a handshake. Get it in writing, you won’t regret it down the track.

As with all of our legal products, we can customise this agreement if you would like to do things a different way or if your business has specific requirements.