Parental Permission Form


Got under 18’s involved?

Need parental consent for making a recording of your activity?
Then this form is for you!



If you are planning an activity or a recording of an activity involving under 18’s, obtaining parental permission is the wise course. Dealing with other people’s children opens up a whole new can of worms in terms of privacy and liability, and you just don’t want to take chances.

A parent who has not given permission for their child to be recorded in anyway may prevent you from using or showing any recordings featuring their child, potentially rendering any footage you have taken, useless.

Our Parental Permission form is a simple document that legally confers a parent’s consent for their child to be involved in an activity and for you to make and use any voice, video and photographic recordings of their child while participating in that activity.

Don’t take risks with other people’s kids, get permission first.