Non-Circumvention Agreement

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Got the next big idea?
Need help to make it happen but afraid you will miss out?

With a Non-Circumvention Agreement you can be confident sharing your idea knowing you won’t be cut out.



A Non-circumvention Agreement, commonly used together with a Non-disclosure Agreement, provides additional legal protection for creators of a software program or application, business idea or project in which they have invested significant time and resources.

Having your prospective business partners sign a non-circumvention agreement doesn’t just give you a professional edge. It enables you to freely discuss the content, development and/or integration of your creation without fear of them taking your idea and cutting you out of the picture.

Our non-circumvention agreement is a brief, easy to understand document which covers all the essential components to protect you and your work.

Purchase piece of mind now, you won’t regret it later!