Joint Venture Agreement (Complex)

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Want a sophisticated long term joint venture? Got some details you need to get straight?
Do you want to form a solid foundation for your joint venture?
Then this agreement is for you!



A specific project with identifiable outcomes needs a detailed joint venture agreement to set out everyone’s rights and obligations.

A joint venture is a contractual arrangement whereby two or more people or businesses agree to work together toward a common goal, and to share the associated risks and rewards. They can enable you to reach a wider market to develop your business, access new distribution networks, and gain additional resources such as staff and technology from your business partners.  It also offers the protection of sharing the risks of the venture.

We have created a sophisticated Joint Venture Agreement which is tailored for serious, long term joint enterprises. It provides a solid legal framework within which you can successfully operate your business, incorporating all the legal details you need to set a firm foundation and protect each party’s interests.

Having a lawyer draft a custom JV Agreement will set you back thousands of dollars. But you can get our comprehensive customisable Joint Venture Agreement now, for a fraction of the cost.