Forum / Facebook Group Rules

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Need to Manage your tribe?

Do you want set the tone of the Forum for your website?

Then these terms are for you!



Sometimes common sense is not so common and you have to spell it out

If you host a forum or noticeboard that enables others to post content, you need to put some protections in place to ensure that you can avoid liability for any legal or other matters that arise as a result of published user content.

Lets face it, a forum containing defamatory material, foul language or obscene subject matter will not reflect well on your website’s reputation and may ultimately hurt your business. It may also result in legal liability. That’s where our membership terms and conditions come in.

We have prepared an easy to understand statement of rules and standards of conduct, so that your forum contributors know what is expected of them. It also enables you to disqualify contributors who fail to comply with the rules and provides clear limitations of your liability as the forum host so that you can protect yourself.

Protect your forum now, with our Forum Rules!