Event Disclaimer and Release

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Want to run an event, without fearing everyone might chase you afterwards?
You need to make rules for attendance clear from the outset. You need our Event Disclaimer and Release!



Anything can happen at an event, and organisers can be held liable for injuries or damage that result. Scary but true. Luckily, there is a way you can drastically reduce the extent to which you can be sued by using a liability release clause and a disclaimer.

The purpose of a disclaimer is to let your attendees and participants know in very clear terms what their responsibility is and what is not your responsibility. Let’s face it. There are some people who do some very silly things. Things you would not expect. The Darwin Awards are full of them! You do not want to be legally responsible for the actions of other people that you could not possibly predict, and even those actions that you might predict.

Under consumer protection laws you have responsibilities to your customers that cannot be avoided through by using a disclaimer. In fact, if you try and avoid your consumer responsibilities, then your disclaimer can be deemed void and you can be fined – which defeats the whole purpose of having a disclaimer in the first place!

Get all participants attending your event to complete this release form upon entry to avoid unforeseen problems later on and to limit your liability.