Disclaimer, Mentor & Coaching


Are you providing coaching or mentoring to clients, but want to make sure they take responsibility for their own results?

Do you provide advice on your website in the form of strategies, techniques or other recommendations for readers to employ their life or career for benefit?

Get your clients clear on what you can and can’t do for them using this disclaimer!



An unhappy or unsuccessful client will often seek to spread their loss or attribute blame to anyone they can. If they perceive they have relied on your advice to their detriment, they may try to argue that you are responsible for financial losses they have incurred or opportunities they have missed.  If you have not established with your client, the type of legal relationship that exists between you and what you are not responsible for, you may be at significant risk.

The solution? You need a disclaimer.

Most people are unfamiliar with disclaimers, and worry that they need a lengthy longwinded document with lots of legal jargon based on what they have seen in the American ones. In fact, a concise and expertly worded disclaimer addressing the right issues is just as, if not more effective.

The purpose of a disclaimer is to let your client or customer know in very clear terms what their responsibility is and what you are not responsible for. Let’s face it. When things don’t go right, people are always looking to blame someone else, and you want to make sure that that someone else is not you.

Get peace of mind now, with our Coaching & Mentoring Disclaimer.