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Talking about how you have made money? Sharing tips and advice relating to income and investment?
Want to share your experience without getting in trouble for providing ‘financial advice’?

Protect yourself with this disclaimer!



There is always greater risk in offering regulated products or services, such as those relating to earning or investment advice.  And while sharing a little of your own experience seems harmless, you cannot count on the prerequisite knowledge, reasonableness or discernment of your recipients.

Lets face it, many people are unfamiliar with financial matters and may take your advice out of context or without a complete understanding. And never doubt for a second, the extent to which people will act in reliance on web based advice, no matter how they understand it.

If you provide any advice relating to finance, investment or income earning activities on your website, you need to prepare for the event that people may do some pretty silly things in apparent ‘reliance’ on your advice and then hold you accountable for financial losses they sustain.

The purpose of a disclaimer is to let your client or customer know in very clear terms what their responsibility is and what is not your responsibility. The thing is, consumer protection laws around the world are written to protect consumers. It is assumed that if you are in business then you know more than your customers and should take steps to protect them.

Under consumer protection laws you have responsibilities to your customers that cannot be avoided through by using a website disclaimer. In fact, if you try and avoid your consumer responsibilities, then your website disclaimer can be deemed void and you can be fined – which defeats the whole purpose of having a disclaimer in the first place!

Luckily, we have tailored a concise and effective disclaimer for people who are not registered financial advisors, but who wish to publish general information about financial and investment strategies, tax issues and income earning opportunities in a non-professional capacity.

Purchase peace of mind now, and know that we have you covered.