Deed of Indemnity, Directors/Officers

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Has someone asked you to be a director of their company? Want to make sure you are covered by the company if something goes wrong? Do you want to put some protection in place before agreeing to be a Director? Then this agreement is for you!



Acting as a Company Director comes with serious legal responsibilities.  For this reason, it is vital that you have appropriate indemnification from the company you represent, as well as access to company records when you need them.

The purpose of an indemnity is to ensure that you will be compensated by another party, for any loss you incur. It differs from a disclaimer, in that you, as an individual remain liable but are entitled to be compensated by the indemnifying party to the extent that your Deed of Indemnity allows.

And yes, how much you are able to be indemnified for depends largely on how well your indemnity is worded.

Our tailored Deed of Indemnity for Company Directors provides a comprehensive indemnity against liability for claims that may arise in the course of your directorship, as well as a range of legal and other expenses that may accompany it. It also contains detailed provisions for how legal proceedings are to be conducted, how representation is to be arranged,  how you may access company records and more, so that everyone knows exactly where they stand.

Protect yourself with a Deed of Indemnity!