Copyright License Agreement

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Are you worried about protecting your content online? Do you want let the world know how you deal with copyrighted materials on your website? Then these terms are for you!



The internet enables rapid proliferation of content, making it possible for large scale infringements of copyright to occur, almost without users realising what they are doing. But don’t be mistaken, copyright is serious business and can result in time and cost consuming legal proceedings.

Knowing what you can and cannot do with copyrighted material, and setting policies on your site for the handling of copyright will go a long way in protecting you from such a fate.

We have crafted a concise Copyright License Agreement for websites, that sets out how others should deal with the copyrighted material you place on your site (including RSS feeds) and how you will deal with the copyrighted material uploaded by others.

Protect yourself now. Its as simple as a Licence Agreement.