Complete Website Legals

$999.00 $199.00

Are you establishing or buying a new website? Do you need a complete legal framework to support every aspect of your business including provisions for: e-commerce transactions, forums, advertising, privacy and other regulatory compliance, liability disclaimers and more?  Are you thinking of eventually selling your website business for a profit? Then this is the complete package you need!



Our Complete Website Legals package will see your new website through from start to finish.

We have included all the legal agreements you will need to acquire or sell a website including domain transfer paperwork. We also provide our complete range of legal policies and agreements to govern your relationships with affiliates, advertisers, purchasers, site users and administrators as well as liability disclaimers to ensure that you are legally protected to the extent possible, whilst complying with relevant consumer protection laws.

Best of all, our legal documents are written in simple, easy to understand English so that you can create and manage your own contracts and policies, knowing you are covered.

A complete package of all our website legal documents

Here’s what you get:

  • Affiliate Agreement

    Let potential affiliate partners know the rules for marketing your products and services. Our price, normally $79

  • Privacy Policy Membership

    Give users peace of mind when giving their personal information to you. Our price, normally $39

  • Privacy Policy with supporting procedures

    Understand how to apply your privacy policy when challenged by users or regulators. Our price, normally $59

  • Purchase of Website Agreement

    Use this agreement to make sure you get everything you paid for. Our price, normally $119

  • Reseller Agreement

    Enable others to re-sell your products or services either under their own banner or yours. Our price, normally $119

  • Sale of Website Agreement

    Use this agreement to limit your liability once your website has changed hands. Our price, normally $99

  • Domain name transfer authorisation

    Buying or selling a domain name? Make sure there is no delay in transfer by getting this form complete. Our price, normally $19

  • Google Trademark dispute

    Here is the process for filing a notice with Google to let them know someone else is abusing your trademark. Our price, normally $39

  • Forum Moderator Agmt

    Want to allow your fans to moderate forums on your website? Use this. Our price, normally $19

  • Forum Rules or Facebook Group Rules

    Sometimes common sense is not so common and you have to spell it out. Our price, normally $39

  • Disclaimer Pack

    There is greater risk in offering regulated products or services like financial services, health and being a reseller of other people’s products. Limit your liability using disclaimers

    • Basic Disclaimer

      Our price, normally $19

    • Disclaimer, directory

      Our price, normally $19

    • Disclaimer, earnings

      Our price, normally $19

    • Disclaimer, health (long)

      Our price, normally $19

    • Disclaimer, health

      Our price, normally $19

    • Disclaimer, Mentor & Coaching

      Our price, normally $19

    • Disclaimer, profession

      Our price, normally $19

    • Affiliate Disclaimer

      Are you marketing other people’s products? Make sure you limit your liability. Our price, normally $39

  • App Licence Agreement, App End User Licence Agreement

    Our price, normally $139

  • Website T’s & C’s

    You can set your own rules on your website, don’t wait, do it now!

    • Website Terms of Use (short)

      Our price, normally $39

    • Website Terms of Use – forum and network

      Our price, normally $99

    • Website Terms of Use complete

      Our price, normally $119

    • Website Terms of Use plus ecommerce

      Our price, normally $59

    • E-commerce terms and conditions

      You need payment terms, refunds and returns policies if selling products or services online. Our price, normally $39

    • Membership terms and conditions

      Members need to know the rules of their membership, and you need to know when you can exclude them without penalty. Our price, normally $39

    • Vendor terms and conditions

      If you have a website that allows other people to promote and sell their products, you need clear rules of engagement between you and the vendor. Our price, normally $99

    • Advertising terms and conditions

      Put in place easy to understand terms and conditions enabling others to advertise on your website. Our price, normally $19

  • Our WordPress, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use plugin

    This plugin uses shortcodes to easily add Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages to your WordPress website.