App Developer Agreement (Hire)

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Want to build an App?  Need a simple agreement to make sure your App is what  you want?  Then this product is for you!



Hiring a developer to create you a custom app presents risks. Will you end up paying a hefty price for an app that simply doesn’t function the way it is supposed to? What happens if a glitch arises down the track? How do you ensure your unique source code cannot be on sold by the developer to another client?

These matters need to be agreed upon and put in writing at the outset of the relationship, otherwise your envisioned app could turn into a bottomless money pit, or worse, it could end up in someone else’s hands and you could lose the exclusive rights to commercially exploit your own idea.

We have created an easy to read Hire an App Developer Agreement that provides a secure legal framework within which you can confidently retain a developer to construct your app, knowing that your legal rights are covered.

Don’t lay awake at night hoping that everything goes smoothly! Protect yourself – its as simple as a signature.