App Developer Agreement (Develop)

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Do you want to create apps for people? Do you want to give the impression you are as professional as the Apps you Develop? Then our simple Hire an App Developer Agreement is perfect for you!



Appearances are everything and in the apps game, it pays to look professional. What does your agreement say about you? Expert or amateur?

(Actually, we know there are also those of you who don’t even have an agreement. Eek! Appearances are the least of your worries!)

Having an established legal framework for your engagement as an app developer not only looks smart, it is smart. A well crafted agreement is vital if you want to protect yourself from commercial losses, circumvent a host of sticky legal situations (which cost a lot of time and money), and preserve your legal rights which might otherwise be lost.

For example, your policies on payments and refunds and how you will deal with a customer’s change of mind are vital to ensure the smooth running of your business and minimise litigated disputes. Equally as important is recognising the variety of sources from which liability may arise and drafting clauses which prevent or limit the extent to which you can be sued.

If you are seeking an easy, modern and professional contract to hand to your clients, look no further. Our Developer’s Agreement with inbuilt Specification Schedule not only establishes a straight forward tasking system for your business, but lets you sleep at night knowing that you are protected.

Get professional. Get Protected. Get the App Developer Agreement.