Affiliate Disclaimer


Are you selling or marketing other people’s products? But don’t want to be held responsible for problems arising from those products? Then this disclaimer is for you! It contains the legal safeguards you need, to avoid getting caught up in a nasty liability claim.



The purpose of a disclaimer is to let your client or customer know in very clear terms what their responsibility is and what is not your responsibility. The thing is, consumer protection laws around the world are written to protect consumers. It is assumed that if you are in business then you know more than your customers, and should take steps to protect them.

Under consumer protection laws you have responsibilities to your customers that cannot be avoided by using a disclaimer. In fact, if you try and avoid your consumer responsibilities, then your website disclaimer can be deemed void and you can be fined – which defeats the whole purpose of having a disclaimer in the first place!

Our Affiliate Disclaimer provides a secure legal basis for avoiding unpleasant run ins with the law: either on account of your associate’s products or the fact that you derive income from marketing them.

Its simple.  Get it in writing now and protect your referral income!