Affiliate Agreement

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Have you got a bunch of electronic products to get out there? Do you know a lot of people who’d love to help and get rewarded for it as well? Do you want to have hundreds of people help you to promote your products? Then this agreement is for you!



Getting affiliated businesses to provide referrals to your online product or service in exchange for a commission, is a fantastic way to increase sales, and is mutually rewarding for you and your referees. But its not as simple as agreeing to, “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”.

A detailed business strategy is required to successfully manage one or several affiliates, and there are a whole host of matters that require planning and agreement. Otherwise you could be left in the lurch.

How will you keep track of each affiliate’s referrals? How will commission be calculated and paid? How will disputes be resolved? And what will your liability be if there is a technical problem that interrupts transactions?

Luckily, we have formulated a comprehensive Affiliate Program Agreement which establishes a secure legal framework within which you can conduct business with your referral partners.

Let potential affiliate partners know the rules for marketing your products and services, so you can maximise profits with minimal hassle.